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28sep14. Kyoto, Japan.


  1. In picture one, was the woman aware of you taking her photograph? Whenever I think I might try street photography, I feel sure people will be irritated and then I feel self conscious about it. I’m so very British! 😊

    What is going on with that bike in picture 5? Drunken japes?


    1. Hi! I’m pretty sure she does, yes, as it’s only her and I there. However, I’m using an iPad and sometimes it looks like im maybe reading it for directions. 🙂 Either way, if she wears a kimono often in Kyoto, then she is used to people snapping pics. Secondly, I’ve become more and more comfortable taking photos like this. In my mind, people are part of the landscape. If anyone were to ever look miffed, I’d erase it immediately. Yes, there’s a massive problem of drunken japes messing with bicycles everywhere I’ve been to in Japan, haha!


      1. Sometimes I try to make it look like I’m fiddling with my camera settings, but then I don’t get great shots. I like the idea of people being part of the landscape. Maybe I need to think of it like that. Thanks!

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen bicycles messed around with to quite that extent – knocked over, yes. Stacked on top of each other, not yet!


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