Osaka-based, American artist DAAS, is having an exhibition of his work at Taiga do Gallery in Kyoto, Japan from Sep 25-Oct4, 2014. I’ll be doing a several-part series on the exhibition in order to highlight a few of the 13 pieces he has on display. The poster for the event features his work, “Illuminated.” What I found so interesting was how the poster looked throughout Gion, Kyoto’s old historic district, famous for teahouses, maiko, and geisha. So much of the area is preserved for history, so something as simple as getting a poster up, really isn’t that simple. With that in mind, as I walked around, and actually saw the poster up on various walls, sometimes with Japanese people standing around it or walking past it…I thought it looked like its own kind of exhibition  on the street. Here are some of the images:

gi 165 gi 108 gi 227 ipakyo 037 gi 223 ipakyo 062 gi 171 ipakyo 035 gi 225 gi 166 ipakyo 193 gi 115 gi 226 ipakyo 194 gi 116 gi 170 ipakyo 195 gi 117 ipakyo 196 gi 168 gi 174 gi 118 ipakyo 061 ipakyo 034

28sep14. Kyoto, Japan.


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