himej 216 himej 197 himej 199 himej 208 himej 212 himej 213 himej 217 himej 219 himej 221 himej 187 himej 195 himej 207 himej 203 himej 185 himej 186 himej 188 himej 222 himej 223“You feel good, you feel bad, and these feelings are bubbling from your own unconsciousness, from your own past. Nobody is responsible except you. Nobody can make you angry, and nobody can make you happy.” Osho

8aug14. Himeji, Japan.



  1. That is a very good point. My friends and I were just debating the causes of depression, with one school of thought saying it is a chemical imbalance and the other saying that it is a choice. If it is a choice, it certainly is liberating to know we can do something about its!


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