Japanese artist Grind Pencil has garnered a high profile commission at Japan Rail’s Noda Station in Osaka. He is painting 10 huge pillars located at the front of the station. The theme commemorates Osaka’s famous Central Market, the city’s answer to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market. It’s the place in Osaka where restaurant owners arrive at 415am every morning to start making bids on the freshest seafood available. This is a pretty big deal for the artist and it makes him happy to know he can make an ‘honest’ living doing what he loves; street art. He said of course he’d love to be tagging and bombing all over the city, but now, with three kids, he wouldn’t dare risk it and Japanese security is very tight. There are cameras everywhere. He’s been arrested once and that’s enough. Although his other work definitely has more ‘edge’ to it, he’s grateful to have been granted this honor by the city to be able to showcase the city’s pride and joy; one of Japan’s largest markets. There are some images below, but I didn’t stay out there all day. It’s that time of the year when the temperature climbs to 100 degrees with humidity. I felt like I was melting. I’ll be documenting more of his work in the next couple of months (when it’s cooler): 

canosa 026 canosa 109 canosa 011 canosa 012 canosa 014 canosa 020 canosa 021 canosa 095 canosa 101 canosa 106 canosa 107 canosa 108 canosa 105 canosa 098 canosa 099 canosa 100 canosa 110 canosa 111 canosa 112 canosa 024 canosa 025 canosa 027For more of his artwork:

25jul14. Noda, Osaka, Japan.



    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I’m going to have to give you an unsatisfactory answer – I’m so sorry. But, there really aren’t any maps or ‘spots.’ I just walk the streets in areas where I assume some art will be. For example, there’s some in Americamura, but I’m sure you’ve seen that…If you type in DAAS, on my blog, a bunch of cool posts of, in my opinion, the best street artist in Osaka at the moment and I ‘think’ I at least say what area of Osaka it’s in…he has an Alan Watts mural, an astronaut, some ramen machines at ‘Dragon Ramen…’ I mean, as you’ve seen, street art and graffiti are sparse in Japan due to the strict laws… it’s changing, but slowly…

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