sesame oil (i didn’t have any today, so i used virgin olive oil)

garlic / onions / carrots / eggplant / tomatoes / potatoes (anything you want!) i would add snowpeas next time

pho noodles

2-3 bouillion cubes

Prep: soak pho noodles (half pack for about 3 servings) in water for an hour

1st: oil, then add garlic, then add onions, then add eggplant, then carrots, then potatoes, then tomatoes, etc

(boil water in another pot and throw soaked noodles in for about 30 secs – 1 min)

2nd: Add 2-3 cups of water to the veggie pot, add the bouillion cubes, and after draining the noodles, add them to the water and veggies. Stir a bit and then it’s pretty much ready!


1jun14. Kobe, Japan.



  1. Looks very nice. I will try it, with snow peas. The ones on my veggie patch are just in flower, it won’t take long until I can harvest.

      1. And especially nice if you plug them fresh from the plant. I like them even raw. It looks like this year’s harvest will be good.
        You should really come to Cologne and try some. There are also many interesting things to photograph here 🙂

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