Someone has gone onto Japanese pages for me and deciphered some information about the history of the hotel. It does appear that the hotel was, in fact, built in 1929. One of the problems for the general public with the hotel, was that it wasn’t very accessible. You could only reach it by taking the ropeway. There were no roads for cars or anything. In 1944, the cable car was shut down, so the hotel closed the following year. No one could reach it! Why was the cable car shut down? That’s a great question and at this time, I do not have an answer. The hotel was never repaired after the wartime airstrikes and in 1961, a new owner came onboard and re-opened the hotel. Typhoons hit the area and in 1967, the cable car was shut down again. I’ve seen conflicting dates on this last bit of information: on one site I read 1994, on the other, 1974…but, regardless of which one is accurate, one of these years was the last time it was really active (with various student groups and some actual residents.) That’s all I know right now, but I’ll never stop trying to get the answers to this mystery.


28apr14. Kobe, Japan. Maya Hotel, Mt. Maya.

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