My creative process is a constant evolving one and I have been wondering for awhile now, how to merge my two passions: Street Art with Street Photography. When I was in Vancouver in January, I saw something brilliant that I knew I wanted to do, too. There were these beautiful photos on stickers all around the city with the name “Kaid Ashton” on them. After further research, I discovered that Kaid is a well-known photographer that takes on photo projects around the world (this one that I saw, was his depiction of slums in certain parts of the world.) The photos were eye-catching and better yet, they were slapped on the street! So, I decided to start doing something similar (all credit for the idea goes to Kaid Ashton)…I figured I am fortunate enough to travel all over the world and to document fascinating images, so I also wanted to slap my photos onto the streets…Here are some of my first images thrown into the San Diego mix. All of them are from my time in Vietnam, except for one, which is an image from the Old City, Jerusalem, which I was fortunate enough to visit last December:


15 & 16 mar14. San Diego, CA.


    1. You’re right. I’m trying to figure it all out. The one from the holy land has my blog address on them. I’ve ordered new ones with my latest graffiti book name and my name, printed on them, so we’ll see….


      1. So many people do use smart phones, and by attaching a qr-code, someone walking through the city could dirctly see the the the photo on the phone, as your article on your blog. That might be cool !!
        So far I’ve not found a software to print qr-codes, which would work with my system. But if you are working with either apple or ms, there might be an adequate program, I think.


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