Gebran Tueni’s image on the side of the An Nahar building, where he worked as a controversial editor and publisher until his untimely assassination. Martyrs Square. Beirut, Lebanon.

Gebran Ghassan Tueni (Arabic: جبران تويني‎; 15 September 1957 – 12 December 2005) was a politician and former editor and publisher of An Nahar Newspaper, which was founded by his grandfather, also Gebran Tueni, in 1933.

Tueni strongly believed in the freedom of speech. Over time, after disappointments with the direction Syria was heading, he became a fierce critic of the Syrian government and its policies in regards to Lebanon.

Tueni kept doing editorials for An Nahar, but he was living outside of Beirut. After the assassination of Rafik Hariri, Tueni found out that he was at the top of the hit list and started taking preventative measures like switching cars every day…he even moved to Paris for awhile. He returned to Beirut just a few days before December 12, 2005, the day he was assassinated. He was assassinated by a car bomb as he was making his way into his offices at An Nahar, in Martyrs Square. Two of his bodyguards perished as well.

Syria denied any involvement in the assassination. The real perpetrators have never been brought to justice, but in 2012, the Tueni family lawyer launched lawsuits against two Syrian officers thought to be involved.

(comprised from reading articles on the internet and talking to people in Beirut. First sentence taken from wikipedia to get the Arabic…)

DEC13. Beirut, Lebanon.

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