A very popular snack served from street carts found on almost every corner in Istanbul. I am motivated to push for that “Christmas” feeling this year, so I had to make 100 grams of roasted chestnuts in Taksim Square, my first food purchase. The weather was cooperative: cold, rainy, and then some sleet joined in…so by the time I reached my hotel (not one person on the street seemed to have ever heard of the address I was showing them) a good two hours after arriving from the airport, my bag was nice and wet, and my extremities were nice and numb, couldn’t bend my fingers to grab the lira to pay for my room…but hey, I’m in Istanbul! No place where I’d rather be lost, cold, wet, and numb…enjoy these chestnuts. Can’t you just taste them?!


10DEC13. Istanbul, Turkey.

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