“The next morning I woke up at oh eight oh oh hours, my brothers, and as I still felt shagged and fagged and fashed and bashed and my glazzies were stuck together real horrorshow with sleepglue, I thought I would not go to school.”
Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange


9NOV13. Wynwood, Miami, FL.


  1. Tokidori, your photographs are just unbelievably good. Great, in fact. I love each and every photo that you share. Your brilliant “work” is a direct reflection of the passion you obviously have for it. I’m a country boy who digs the metropolitan lifestyle. NYC is my favorite city. Had a job offer long, long ago at the New York Times in which I would have been working at the lowest levels of the news department and turned it down (against my better wishes) because the girl I was engaged to wanted to stay in our hometown in central PA. Well, she’s all gone and the Times and NYC are still there. But I can’t leave my adopted home in Myrtle Beach (and in a greater sense) the Grand Strand because Mother Ocean and the beach beg me to stay. Nature is my truest passion. The artwork that you graciously share with the world gives me a peek into the hopes and desires of those living in urbanity and I appreciate it so much. I’ve been “liking” your art and leaving without much comment because I’m busier than a one-legged man in a butt whippin’ contest working on a second blog. Just wanted you to know, this one spoke to me as well. I’m 52 and I just watched Clockwork Orange for the first time a few months ago. The movie surprised me immensely. Awesome flick. Keep up with the great “work,” but I have a feeling you view what you do in the same way I view my writing. It’s more of a love than it is a job. Peace.

    1. It’s TokidoKi, haha! 🙂 It means ‘sometimes’ in Japanese… I don’t even know what to say to your incredibly kind comments! It’s so rare that people will actually tell me that they can feel my passion through my art. It’s exactly what I intend! And it’s so amazing to have someone say it to me first because I have such a difficult time articulating my feelings into words…I think that’s also why my photos have quite a voice of their own. It’s kind of the way I communicate to people. I really, really appreciate you, Dharma Bum! You like Kerouac? 🙂

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