ORLANDO STREET ART: ANDREW SPEAR (iFixYouri cell phone repair)


4NOV13. Corner of Mills and Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL.

3 thoughts on “ORLANDO STREET ART: ANDREW SPEAR (iFixYouri cell phone repair)

    1. Well, basically, the artist is successful outside of commercial design as well. This project just happened to be for a cellphone repair shop, as he has a company with a partner to do more commercial stuff. He’s well-known in Orlando, so naturally, people are inclined to try to get him for this kind of stuff if they can. He’s got a unique style, you know it’s his work when you see it. And you can’t say that about everybody, can you?

      1. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, on the distinctive style of some artist, although there are mimickers. Some communities like Boston have sponsored street murals. Those seem to be less individualistic and more theme oriented.

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