No, I’m not trying to sell my stuff to my fellow bloggers, but as I always post my new creative adventures, this is just the latest one. As many of you know, the month of October was a unique and exciting adventure as world famous street artist, Banksy, came to New York and essentially did a piece a day all over New York City. It had never been done to that scale before and it was an incredible experience. I was fortunate enough to snap a pic of an NYPD officer taking a picture of a Banksy piece in Red Hook, Brooklyn on October 7th. What made this really special is that Banksy’s team reached out to me for permission to use the photo on Banksy’s official website. I was the only person outside of Banksy and his team, to get their photo on his website. For that reason, a lot of cool people I met this month, encouraged me to do more with the image. And that is what I have finally done. I have opened up an online cafepress shop where I can sell the image on various items including tshirts, stickers, postcards, tumblers, etc. Here is the link to my shop: and also, here’s a link back to the original image I shared on October 7th on my blog:


  1. That’s what I am Talking about. Nice, Plus he put that picture up on his site too out of respect to you. For being the one person that got the closest to him on camera.
    save 5 points for that.


  2. Congratulations Jacqueline!
    Cafepress was new to me before your endeavor. I’ve been to the site since,and love the pic you are marketing on a wide variation of product.
    Cheers & cheers to you!!!


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