I’m constantly experimenting with ways to use my photos to expand my creative expression. I made two t-shirts this month.

I am fortunate enough to have a photo of mine on Banksy’s official NYC residency website, “Better Out Than In.”

If you go to his website and scroll down to “October 7th,” you will see my photo of a NYPD officer snapping a photo of Banksy’s stencil and Banksy’s team has credited me for it. I was already planning on making a t-shirt with this picture because I knew it was a one in a million shot and it was by far my favorite photo of all that I’ve taken on this Banksy scavenger hunt so far. Here it is below:


This second t-shirt has sentimental value, as it is one of my favorite murals that I just recently documented in Beirut. I can’t say enough about the artist Yazan or his subject here, Ali. For more of the story:

Here it is:


Here are my latest postcards. One is my favorite shot that I already mentioned above. The other one is another depiction of a Banksy piece, “Crazy Horse”:


How I create. Below is my latest journal (a Dingbat from Beirut!) filled to the brim with stickers off the street, as well as all kinds of interview questions that I had for various artists over the past month. In addition, is my handy dandy postcard bag. It carries my pens, postcards, stickers, and stamps so that I always have them on the ready to send out to people:


OCT13. New York City.

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