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“Find Ali: a crowdmapping initiative to help the homeless in Lebanon.”

Forty days after the death of Ali Abdallah, a homeless man in Lebanon, Karim Badra launched a social media campaign to raise awareness about homeless people in Lebanon.

Ali Abdallah’s death during Lebanon’s severe January weather hit Karim Badra hard. Ali had been homeless and he died from exposure to the cold.

As a response to Ali’s death, Badra created a  Facebook page, Ushahidi map, and a YouTube movie to raise awareness about homelessness in Lebanon. On the 40th day of Ali Abdallah’s passing, Karim published his initiative using social media. His movie was nominated in the category of Most Engaging Youtube Video as a part of Beirut’s first Social Media Awards…

There are some unsubstantiated stories running around out there about the real truth of Ali Abdallah’s life. Both stories I’ve heard have him as a former Math and Physics professor at the American University of Beirut a long time ago. And both stories describe him as schizophrenic. But here’s where the stories differ: one claims he lost his mind in his involvement in the civil war. The other claims that Ali was driving in a car with his wife and young daughter and had a terrible accident, with both his wife and daughter dying on the scene.

I don’t know which is true or even if either is true and I welcome the real story if someone can help me out. Help us all out. We’d all love to know and share his real story.


9AUG13. Beirut, Lebanon.



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