Venezuela = Arepa. Some men I know can eat three of these for breakfast. Me, on the other hand, I ate about one quarter at the Caracas airport and snacked on it the rest of the day in Maturin. Above pictured: Arepa Con Queso Tellita


Upon arriving in Maturin, I really needed something to fill my vegetarian void…beans and rice will come later. For now, give me a fresh salad with some mashed potatoes.


My typical lunch here: Lentils, rice, and some soy/tofu concoction. Delicious.


Added in: Chinese sesame-flavored potatoes. Awesome.


Nestle bought out the Savoy company and here is one of the most popular candy bars in Venezuela. The “Cri Cri.” Think Nestle “Crunch.”

JAN13. Caracas & Maturin, Venezuela.

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