Before we were able to get to a grocery store, we were taken to a bakery for breakfast. I got a coffee, cinnamon roll, and an apple. I was told that I was eating the most expensive fruit in Venezuela because apples are only imported.


This woman’s face is everywhere because she is the governor of the state of Monagas and she is a Chavez loyalist. She just won the recent election in a close battle with the opposition.


Still trying to find myself around the food here. I don’t have any spices like salt and pepper or anything, so on the weekend I made black beans, rice, and a scrambled egg with a strange mixture of mayo, mustard, and honey as a sauce, and wrapped it in a tortilla. So, “Jackie’s Bland Breakfast Burrito?”


There he is again. We’re not really hearing anything about his current condition anymore.


Taken to an outdoor market on Sunday. Like most markets of this kind around the world, especially Asia. The smell of fish permeates the atmosphere and reasonably priced fruits and vegetables can be purchased.


Egg seller.


Another bland dish i concocted: Black beans, rice, and sauteed eggplant with sliced bananas to give it a little sweetness. So, “Jackie’s Mad Maturin Mixture?”

13JAN13. Maturin, Venezuela.

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