When I think of Cuban skies and now have the opportunity to gaze up at Venezuelan skies, I am convinced that socialist skies are the most beautiful in the world. Maybe they’re the one thing the universe can give the people as a symbol of hope. To be able to look up at beauty. To give them the sense that anything is possible. I hope it’s not a cruel joke. The picture above was taken while I waited in the parking lot at work for my driver to take me home on Friday night. And this image is what got me to thinking.


Driving home that same night, cars passed by showing support for their ailing “hero,” Hugo Chavez. And I kept thinking about the skies and hope.


As a world traveler, I never know who I’ll meet or what kind of circumstances I’ll find myself in from hour to hour, literally. In the laundry room that same evening, I wasn’t sure how the washing machine worked, so I asked this lady above in Spanish and she replied in English. Turns out she’s Iranian, visiting her son, and doesn’t speak any Spanish. But, there’s quite an Iranian community here, and on my compound, so she wouldn’t take no for an answer when she insisted I come with her to meet her friends at the club area. So, there I sat with a group of Iranians, (never would have planned for that on my daily schedule) and had a great time with new people. As Mehr (that’s her short name) and I returned to the laundry room, I looked up and saw the most beautiful orange and violet sky and that’s when I decided: For me, socialist skies are the most beautiful in the world.

What about you? What’s the most beautiful sky you’ve ever seen?


11JAN13. Maturin, Venezuela.


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