ImageTwo influential women and loves of my life: Clara E. Gartrell, my beloved Grandmother, and Loretta Fuller, my beloved Great Aunt. They’ve passed away (2005 and 2008, respectively) and I am always seeking something tangible to represent them and keep them ‘alive’ in my heart. From something simple as a stranger asking, “Who’s Clara? Who’s Loretta?” — it gives me the opportunity to tell their stories, to pay homage. In 2005, it started with a necklace with my Grandmother’s name spelled out in little silver cubes, but after constant wearing (many times deep in the oceans while diving…) the necklace broke…I got one or two more necklaces made by putting the same cubes on new strings…

Last year in San Francisco, I had two bracelets made with their names on them. I plan to remove them today. Yesterday, I got the new necklace you see above made here in Playa Del Carmen — their names on a shark’s tooth (i LOVE sharks) surrounded by Che Guevara. This necklace represents me in numerous ways.

30DEC12. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Instagram.


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