I’m not joking. This is a horrible campaign. There are many great reasons to live abroad and one is, not having ‘sell-out’ commercials thrown in your face. I became aware of this campaign even existing, from watching a spoof on a Saturday Night Live episode I had downloaded. I thought that the guy obviously must be overdoing it, the actual commercial can’t be that bad, the writing so stupid, the voice so nimrodic. THEN, I saw the actual commercial and it turns out the spoof was spot-on. He even looks awful with caked-on makeup and hairspray/frozen helmet hair. What happened, Brad?

DEC12. 5th Av. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Canon 550D-LensEf18-135mm


  1. I am confused (which is my normal state). Is this Channel #5 for men? Or is he wearing the women’s #5? I hope it’s the latter. I would love to see El Pitto with his carefully crafted scruffy appearance, reeking like a French women’s perfumery.
    I honesly don’t get how people can stand constant exposure to these overly exposed celebrities. I find it nauseating.


    1. That’s a good question. It’s Chanel No. 5 for women and in the commercial he says very benign, stupid, nonsensical things…and then in the end he says “inevitable” and it is so bad that you have to be convinced that that took about 82 takes just to get that one word out. He seriously appears brain damaged in the commercial. But, maybe that’s the theme? Maybe his character is coming out of a decade-long coma and that is why he can only utter one adjective at a time, lacking any kind of coherence? Are you fortunate enough at the holler not to have to endure television commercials? I hope so! 🙂 Mr. Pitt does a great job of making you think he’s never acted a day in his life.


    1. So, Ana, you’ve seen the actual television commercial? Isn’t it shocking how bad it is? I want to believe that the mafia are standing behind the cameras with guns loaded and that he is being forced to do some kind of payback to them. I have to believe he would never do this kind of thing willingly.


      1. YES, I have seen the embarrassing commercial more than once – over & over & over actually. Everything about it is JUST WRONG. How could this have happened!!! 😛


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