Basically I am here because on New Year’s Day of this year, I proclaimed on my Facebook status that I would be in Mayan territory on December 21st for the end of the world. And even though I’ve been all around the globe this year, I found a way to get here to Cancun in the nick of time. Here’s how the first day went in regards to the Big 3: transport, accommodation, and food.

TRANSPORT: Cheapest way to get from the airport is to take a lovely air-conditioned ADO bus. I took it to Cancun Centro for $52 pesos (around 5 usd.) The ride was about 20 minutes with no drama. They also have buses to Playa Del Carmen, etc…Walk out of the airport and go right. Walk to the end and there will be ADO counters to purchase a ticket.


ACCOMMODATION: Strangely enough, I booked The Mayan Hostel online while I was still in Bogota a couple of weeks ago, and they didn’t ask for a credit card number or anything. Just a reservation. And then last week when I was in Orlando, I got an email from them confirming my reservation. Still no money upfront. I liked these guys before I even got on the plane. Now, it’s a no-frills place. I’m in a private room with a private bathroom and a fan. It’s costing $2036 pesos (160 usd) for 4 nights in total (so, yes $40 a night.) I don’t usually book a room before I arrive somewhere, but because it’s the holidays and the end of the world, I thought it best to be safe. I will seek out other options over the next few days to see if I want to move on. But, it’s good for now. And I definitely wanted to be in a hostel called The MAYAN hostel on December 21st. 🙂

Calle Margaritas 17,

FOOD: Dinner was had at Gory Tacos. I know the name doesn’t sound appealing, but ‘gory’ doesn’t have the same meaning in Espanol. A huge basket of tortilla chips with 4 sauces came out as an appetizer. Then I ordered vegetarian fajitas and a bottled water. Total price: $120 pesos (around 9.40 usd)

Chips and Salsa

19DEC12. Cancun, Mexico. Transport – Instagram X-Pro II, Accom/Food – Instagram Lo-Fi, Fajitas – X-Pro II

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