New work from my very talented friend, David Eric Ball:

Bones: Right Foot. Original Painting


“This painting is done on canvas and is 12″ x 6”. The image was drawn using acrylic marker and painted with acrylic. The collage elements in the background were collect while on various travels. It is finished with beeswax giving it a yellowish tint and nice smell.”



“This piece was done using tempura paint mixed with glue, India ink, and chalk. First, I drew the image using chalk, then I used the paint mixture to paint. After the paint/glue dried, I painted India ink across the whole image and then wet-sponged the ink off of the paint/glue to leave this image. The piece is finished with acrylic medium to secure the bonds and create a nice gloss. The corners are raspberry berets and the symbol in the margins, is Prince’s own symbol.
The picture comes unframed in an envelope or rolled in a tube and is 11″ x 16.75″ “

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