LIK MI is a Bogota street artist whose work is becoming increasingly known as her ‘pasties’ continue to show up on various walls throughout the city. Some of her work is pointed out on the Bogota Graffiti Tour (, as is the mention of her other creative outlet – her jewelry line, which is  featured in seven stores (so far) around the city.

SHE’S a graduate of graphic design, who, feeling her creativity usurped in that profession, decided to bail and go live in the Amazon for awhile. She’s back now with graphic design behind her and true artistry ahead of her. Here’s a Q & A with LIK MI:


Born and raised – A Timeline?

Bogota – USA – Bogota – The Amazon – India – Bogota


How did you come up with your street name?

About three years ago, it just kind of came to me, and I liked it…so, it stuck.


Where did you get the ideas of pasties?

I was obsessed with stickers from a very young age and used to put them up all over the place. My mother didn’t like it too much, but…”


 On Carrera 4, La Candelaria

Why the raccoons, the dogs, kamasutra, etc.? What makes you decide what to do on a pastie?

The pasties that I do are characters that live inside my head. Sometimes they feel like they don’t want to live in there anymore, so they decide to come out and live on their own on the streets.


On Calle 26

What’s the difference between having your art indoors and putting it on the street? How does it make you feel?

The difference is that everyone can see it, they don’t have to pay anything or go inside  a gallery. It’s also self-satisfaction, going to different places in the city and finding ‘yourself’ on the walls.


Off of Carrera 2, La Candelaria


Around Calle 19, Carrera 4

What other kind of art do you do?

Jewelry, especially earrings.

Lik Mi Earrings
Lik Mi Earrings

She has her earrings displayed for sale in seven shops around Bogota. I found these at “Cefiro,” a very cool urban shop on Carrera 3 No.12d39.


A big “Thanks!” to Lik Mi for taking the time to chat and for walking me around the city and showing me her work.

All Pictures: OCT/NOV12. Bogota, Colombia. (Canon 550D, iPOD Touch, and iPAD, Instagram Lo-Fi Aspect)


4 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT ON LIK MI

  1. I hope you get to interview more artists! I also regret not having my ears pierced. I’m a big fan of the pasties as an art medium – and great pieces at that! Those raccoons are killing me.
    Thanks Jackson (and Lik Mi)!


    1. Hey there! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond…She has a Facebook page and I’m sure she’d accept you as a ‘friend.’ 😉 You can see more of her work on that page, as well as her jewelry. Thanks for visiting!


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