Travel Light

Just me and my Vans Fortnight Backpack off for a Cuban adventure and some time off the grid. I’ve always, always wanted to go to Cuba. It has such a mystique in America. Maybe people think Bay of Pigs, Castro, Che, Cigars, Communism, Oppression, Cubans escaping Cuba on boats to try to make it to the U.S. (the land of the free…), Elian Gonzalez and Janet Reno, a leadership that despises America and on and on and on. Americans weren’t allowed in for many years, and still can’t enter from the United States, but now it’s lightened up a bit so that we can enter from outside the country in places like Bogota and Mexico. Whenever I hear from someone who’s been, they only say great things about it. Here I go to see for myself. (Picture taken with Instagram, Lo-Fi aspect.)

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